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Share Realty was started back in 2003 by Jerry Ancarrow and Karen Walton with a goal of providing significant savings to Richmond consumers in the very expensive world of Real Estate services.

After researching other alternative real estate companies across the United States, our current pricing model was created.

The "Traditional" pricing for real estate sales is averaged at 6% of the sales price, regardless of how expensive the home, and this pricing model has been in place since real estate services first became licensed in the early 1900's. However, recent technology has drastically changed Real Estate sales - for both buyers and for sellers. With the advent of the internet, and the prevalence of information and home data online, a Realtor's role has become much more streamlined and also less expensive.

Today, around 90% of Home Listings are sold through the combined efforts of Cooperating Realtors - who most of the time are not even from the same firm. Because of this, the 6% listing commission typically gets broken down as: 3% to the Listing Agent Firm & 3% to the Buyer's Agent Firm.

With this in mind, Share Realty has created saving opportunities for our clients when they sell a house AND when they buy a house. We offer lower fees to Sellers in the form of a Flat fee (versus a percentage) when acting in the role of Listing Agent, and offer commission rebates (1/3 of our commission!) to Buyer's when in the role of Buyer's Agent.

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To provide home sellers and home buyers with highly experienced agents at a fair price.


Your Share

Part of our commitment to our home buyers is providing 1% cash back on the purchase of your home. We feel it is a great house warming gift when getting your family settled in your new home.


Seller Options

We realize each home and home seller has unique needs which is why we offer "right-fit" Flat Fee options when it comes to selling your home.


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